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A few days ago, Doctor Pieter Cross had been going through his nightly rounds in Portsmouth City, OR. So many people in need of help, so much to be done. It wasn't glamorous and few people would ever know what he had done, but to the people of the city, he mattered.

And then, like a bolt from the blue, he had been struck blind. It defied all medical explanation... until he remembered that he was supposed to be blind. It all came back to him. The accident, the Terrible Trio, the costume, Charlie, the JSA, Dinah, Michael, Endless Winter, Gog.

For a fleeting moment, he had seen what his might have been like had he never become Doctor Mid-Nite. But what of all the good he had done? He'd trade his sight in an instant for even half of what he'd accomplished since.

Now, Doctor Mid-Nite protected the streets of Portsmouth again.

"Getting your feed now, Doc," Camilla's voice came in his earpiece. That too, had been a surprise. Nite-Lite, Camilla, and Ice Pick's memories had returned as well. More and more people were remembering him. And Ice Pick... hadn't he been dead? Killed by the Spirit King?

Questions for later. Like his inability to contact Michael, or that the number for the JSA Brownstone had gone unanswered.

For now, there was blood in his streets. Someone was bringing a new drug, MGC, into his streets. MetaGene Cells, it temporarily transformed ordinary humans into metahumans. Usually as the cost of burning them out.

"Anything I'm not seeing?" he asked.

"Doesn't look like it," she said. "But pretty sure you're in the right place. Someone bought up a lot of dock property recently using a bunch of shell corporations. But it all traces back to something called Stellar Business."

"Stellar Studios produced 'Monkey Business,'" he explained, focusing the wavelengths of his goggles until the walls of the warehour began to fade. Six guards and then a distinct dark spot among several bright. "Clever. But they always like to leave their little hints. It's Delores Winters. I'm not surprised."

"You want me to call the cops? The army? The Justice League? Seems like a bit much for you."

Pieter smiled as he leapt from the rooftop. "I've beaten her before. I'm prepared. And if I'm not... well, you get to say I told you so."


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Dr. Pieter Anton Cross (Dr. Mid-Nite)

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